MJ Paterson- Watt
Lead Horticulturist @City of Toronto

MJ joined Toronto Parks in 2010, becoming the lead horticulturist in the Downtown Waterfront in 2018, including Toronto Music Garden. After graduating from UWO with a BSc, her passion for horticulture won out. Her mother's and grandmother's gardens left an enduring impression. MJ's energy and inspiration are drawn from the transformative spell creative public spaces cast on those who enter them.

Day 1

June 22, 2023

2:00 pm EDT

Waterfront Park Tours: From Industry and Infrastructure to a World Class Waterfront


Once a busy commercial harbour dominated by warehouses, factories, and seafaring merchants, Toronto’s waterfront is quickly re-establishing itself as a place for people to live, work, and play. From urban beaches to artist studios, and high-tech offices to whimsical public spaces, our shoreline has been dramatically redefined by new buildings and landscapes that seek to reconnect the city to the lake and redefine our relationship with Lake Ontario. Come join us on a walk along the water’s edge as we explore this exciting revitalization through its architecture and landscapes. Along the way, we’ll explore the challenges, successes, and lessons we’ve learned for the future of waterfront redevelopment and see how traces of our industrial past are finding new uses for art, culture, and leisure. We’ll also discuss some of the exciting projects that will continue to redefine our shoreline for years to come by peeking into the future of our city through some of the proposals taking shape along our route.

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