Hope in Action: Park Solutions for Thriving Cities

“Active Hope is a practice…it is something we do rather than have.”
—Joanna Macy, environmental activist.

City parks embody Hope in Action. From large scale projects that transform aging urban infrastructure into healthy green corridors to local stewardship events that deepen connections between humans and the rest of nature, parks are where our optimistic visions for our cities are made manifest.

The conference theme, Hope in Action, recognizes that it takes tireless determination, boundless creativity, and relentless optimism to bring transformational park projects to life. And yet, fuelled by hope, Canada’s park changemakers in community, nonprofit and government and professional roles, are collaborating in new ways to build an emerging and powerful future that supports healthy people, communities, and ecosystems in our cities.

More than inspiration, the 2023 Park People Conference will explore on the ground park solutions that support community belonging and resilience, nourish relationships between people and the rest of nature and recognize city parks as essential infrastructure for cities.

Join us for The Park People Conference in 2023 to experience Hope in Action in Canada’s city parks.

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