Akiima Price
Family & Community Engagement Specialist @Akiima Price Consulting

A creative thinker and doer who links people, places, and programs, Akiima Price is a nationally respected thought leader at the intersection of social and environmental issues.

Her innovative programming strategies feature nature as a powerful medium to connect economically stressed communities in meaningful, positive experiences outdoors that affect how they feel about themselves, their communities, and their parks.

From her early experience as a Ranger with National Park Service in 1993 to work her international work with environmental and social service organizations, Akiima has cultivated over 25 years of experience into cutting-edge best practices in trauma-informed environmentalism.

Day 1

June 22, 2023

10:00 am EDT

Digging Deep: Tools for Nature Engagement in Economically Stressed Communities


Join Akiima Price for a hands-on workshop to dig into the tools she uses to surface community-led solutions that help build meaningful connections between economically stressed communities and local parks.

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